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Future Resident Club

We maintain a Future Resident Club for those who plan to join Charter House in the future. There is a high demand for some of our most popular apartment styles and we only have a limited number. If you are a member of the Future Resident Club, you will get first priority for the apartment of your choice as they become available.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to membership in our Fitness & Wellness Center - equipment use, group classes, and personal training
  • Exclusive invitations to events and open houses
  • Discounted rate on our Guest Apartments
  • Monthly healthy aging information
  • Opportunity to join our residents on day trips – e.g., museums, plays, and dinner theaters

Contact us today for an application or for further information!

Downsizing Tips and Considerations

Downsizing your home may feel like you are making tough choices - but try instead to think of the freedoms you'll enjoy when living in an uncluttered, maintenance-free space.


Start Early
Take the time you need to go through your items mindfully rather than scrambling to go through them at the last minute before your move.

Determine Your Items' Actual Usage - Bring Only the Essentials
Ask yourself these key questions for each item you plan to bring: What value will it add to my household? Will it make my life easier? Will I have a place for it? Will I want to keep it for a very long time? How difficult will it be to get rid of?

After you’ve answered these key questions, categorize items into keep, sell, donate, or recycle/toss.

Enlist the Help of Others
Whether it is from family, friends, or neighbors, it can be helpful to have someone pack items as you go through them.

Use a Charter House Floor Plan
This is an excellent way not only to determine how much you can bring, but to pre-arrange your furniture.  This will come in useful on move-in day.

Consider Buying New
Many moving companies charge by weight – you may be better off selling your heavy furniture pieces and buying new, smaller pieces that will fit perfectly into your new home.