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Stay well with an array of fitness and wellness options.

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Our Fitness and Wellness Philosophy

Charter House residents embrace a mindset that incorporates physical activity and exercise into everyday living. Our Fitness & Wellness Center is a vital resource you can use to enhance your future quality of life. Each of our fitness programs include the four components that embody the Mayo Clinic philosophy for a sound fitness program, including:

  • Strength training
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Balance training
  • Flexibility

We integrate each of these key elements into our services to increase your potential to lower your health risks, enhance your functional fitness, and to improve your quality of life so you can age optimally.


Optimize Your Health

Our Fitness & Wellness Center has been designed to encourage you to thrive. We provide you with resources to attain and sustain your optimal health and wellbeing. With an impressive array of versatile equipment and more than 20 fitness classes offered each week, we are at the forefront of exercise and wellness for the active adult.

  • Our Group Exercise Studio and Equipment Room allow you the freedom to implement your own exercise routine in a safe and non-intimidating environment.
  • Special activities such as trail walks, conditioning programs, and fitness parties are offered throughout the year to motivate and challenge you to be active and live well.
  • Fitness classes designed with you in mind to meet the needs of all fitness levels.


Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

Charter House Residents who are Mayo Clinic employees, retirees, volunteers, or spouses are eligible for a membership at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC) – Mayo Clinic’s fitness and wellness facility. Charter House Residents who are not employees, retirees, volunteers, or spouses have access to purchasing a daily pass. DAHLC offers extensive exercise equipment, wellness classes, swimming pools, and much more.  Visit the Dan Abraham Health Living Center website to learn more!