Other Services

Administrative Services

The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for providing support services which ensure the efficient, professional daily operation of Charter House; to assist in the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of Charter House programs and services; and, to ensure 24-hour reception/security for the safety and well-being of the residents and building.

This department provides Administrative, office management, and computer support services for Charter House as well as technical and management support to the Administrator.

The Administrative Services Department serves as the standard bearer for quality customer service making sure that all Charter House residents, staff and visitors to the building are received and taken care of with courtesy, respect and helpfulness.

Business Services

The Charter House Business Office exists to provide excellent financial services to our residents. The Business Office handles the monthly billing statements and payments of monthly fees and charges. Personal check cashing is also available through the Business Office.

Facilities Services

The Charter House Facilities Department provides services to maintain the building and its equipment to help ensure a safe, clean, and operational building for our residents, guests, and staff. Our goal is to provide quality and timely services to meet our residents' needs so Charter House can be experienced as a preferred place to live and work.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services is located in the Administrative Office. The primary function of Marketing is to acquaint people with Charter House, assist prospective residents with the application and apartment selection and the move-in process. The Marketing team is available to assist residents with contract changes, moves within Charter House and move-outs.

Pastoral Care Services

Charter House employs a Pastoral Care Coordinator to help serve the pastoral care needs of residents and families. The Pastoral Care Coordinator conducts a nondenominational weekly Vesper Service and other Bible Study and devotional opportunities. Visitation services to Skilled Care and Supportive Care residents and those hospitalized are also provided.

Resident Services

The Resident Services team provides opportunities, events and services that will delight those we serve. The primary responsibility of the Department of Resident Services is to plan, organize, implement and evaluate programs and services, which respond to the spiritual, social, recreational, educational, cultural and vocational needs of Charter House residents through the disciplines of activities, social service, chaplaincy and fitness. The department provides opportunities for resident interaction in the Rochester community as well as Rochester community involvement within Charter House.

Additionally the department is responsible to help insure the successful orientation and transition of new residents into Charter House and the optimum continued stay of all residents.

The department works collaboratively with Charter House staff, identifies and mobilizes resources in service to Charter House residents and fosters opportunities for resident involvement in the Rochester community.

The department provides input to Charter House administration and staff regarding current and changing resident needs and recommends program, policy and procedure modifications to accommodate changing needs.

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