Fitness & Wellness Services

We offer resources to provide the pathway to healthy aging

Charter House gives me the opportunity to live well!

Wellness is the combination of many factors that strengthen and enhance the mind, body and spirit. Charter House understands this and incorporates wellness in the programs we offer and in the services we provide.

Senior fitness and wellness opportunities at Charter House

Our new Fitness & Wellness Center opened in 2016 and is the hub of wellness activities at Charter House. The Fitness & Wellness Center is located on the first floor overlooking Rochester’s beloved Central Park. We provide a range of exercise and strength-training equipment, over 20 group exercise classes per week, and personal training sessions. These programs and services are designed to build muscular strength, enhance balance and flexibility, and improve cardiovascular health.

Fitness/Wellness healthy living center at Charter House

The Fitness & Wellness Center is staffed by our three nationally-certified Fitness and Wellness Specialists. Our Specialists provide residents with an initial assessment, consultation, and equipment orientation. Then they will assist residents with the development of a personalized fitness program based on individual needs and goals.

In addition to the Fitness & Wellness Center, our residents enjoy outdoor activities such as trail walks around Rochester, fitness parties, lawn games, snowshoeing, and other seasonal fun!

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