What's Happening at Charter House

A glimpse into the life of a Charter House Resident

I'm a pragmatist, and I always plan ahead. I made a conscious decision to take charge of my future while I'm young enough to enjoy all the advantages that a community like Charter House has to offer.

What's Happening at Charter House

Residents at Charter House represent many walks of life. Even though you may arrive not knowing a soul, you will find people just like you who live full, active lives and represent a range of occupations. To nurture a high quality of life for its diverse residents, Charter House addresses the needs of the mind, body and spirit.

Variety in all things is essential. Charter House includes an extensive library, programming that includes interesting speakers, computer courses, and musical performances. There are opportunities to develop new interests and skills with small and large groups, or to follow solitary pursuits.

Parkside Art Gallery

The Parkside Gallery opened in 2015 and is a rotating art gallery featuring art from local artists. Charter House leadership realized this would be a new way to give back to the Rochester community. Further, offering a dedicated space for art would be of enormous interest to our residents because of their love for the cultural arts. Every quarter when a new exhibit is displayed, we host a gallery opening event which the public is invited to attend.

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Weekly Resident Update

At Charter House, there is always something going on. Every week Charter House puts out an update for residents containing information about new notices, upcoming events, and other important information to keep residents informed and aware of all the opportunities Charter House has to offer.

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Charter House Living Magazine

Call today to request a copy of our new Charter House Living Magazine!

Fitness & Wellness Center

Our new Fitness & Wellness Center opened in 2016 and is the hub of wellness activities at Charter House. The Fitness and Wellness Center is located on the first floor overlooking Rochester’s beloved Central Park. We provide a range of exercise equipment, over 20 group exercise classes per week, and personal training sessions. The Center is staffed by our three nationally-certified Fitness and Wellness Specialists.

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