We invite you to get better acquainted with Charter House. If you plan to be in Rochester, MN and would like a personal tour or would like to experience Charter House by spending a night or two in a guest apartment, please contact Marketing Services.

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Contact Us

Charter House
211 Second Street NW
Rochester, Minnesota 55901-2807

Charter House
211 Second Street NW
Rochester, Minnesota 55901-2807

Phone: 1-800-533-1562 or 507-266-8572

Marketing Services
Aimalicia Staub
Phone: 507-266-7597
staub.aimalicia@mayo.edu or charterhouse@mayo.edu
Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST


We have apartments readily available for occupancy. We also maintain a future resident list for those who plan to join us in the future. Benefits of the future resident program include:

  1. Priority for the selection of a residence
  2. Invitations to programs, events and trips.

The application process includes a review of your finances, our services, and three brief interviews during a visit to Charter House. Your visit can include an overnight stay in a guest apartment.

For more information on Charter House or how to apply, contact Marketing Services.